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Hungry Caterpillar Hungry Caterpillar

Kids, eat cherries and watch your caterpillar grow. You can't cross over his body, or bump into the walls!

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
2 Player Math Icon 2 Player Math Game (Adding)

Test your adding skills with your friends.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

CopyCat Jack CopyCat Jack Game

Can you repeat the colors in order? In Copycat Jack you have to repeat the colors in the same order as the game. Game also uses animal sounds to reinforce memory.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Checkers Checkers

This is a classic game of checkers.

(Uses Java)

Batter's Up Baseball (Math Game) Icon Batter's Up Baseball (Math Game)

Can you get a Homerun? How about a base hit? This is a fun and challenging way to learn math.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Memory Match Memory Match

Can you match the pictures? Match all the pictures to reveal a picture underneath.

Hatch icon Hatch and Match

Hatch an egg and see if you can match it with it's pair.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Drag and Drop Drag and Drop Game

Drag the pictures to the correct word box.
Great for kids learning to read!

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Have a Question? Have a Question? The Wizard Game

Do you have a question you want to ask the Wise Wizard? Ask your question and rub the crystal ball for your answer! *This is all for fun kids!

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Guess the Number Guess the Number Game

Can you guess what number Chuckles is thinking of?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Alien Code Alien Code

Can you figure out the secret Code?
(word game)

Hide N Seek Hide ~ N ~ Seek with Ellie

Can you find Ellie the Elephant? She's hiding somewhere in the library!

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

lemonade Icon Lemonade Larry (Math)

How much does the lemonade cost? Check out your math skills.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Play the stock market Stock Market Game

Learn about the stock Market Uses real time stock prices.

St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day Games

Play St. Patrick's Day games.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Easter Easter Games

Have Fun playing easter games!!

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Space icon Space Jumble Game

Can you put the pieces back together? See if you can complete this 8-piece puzzle game.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Word Icon Word Find

See if you can find the hidden words.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Farm Icon Farm Stand

Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Puzzle icon Puzzle Game

See if you can complete this 8-piece puzzle game. Click on the puzzle to start the game.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Connect Icon Connect the Dots

Select your favorite color by clicking on the color pencil. Starting with number one begin connecting the dots. After you connect the dots color the picture.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Guess Icon The Guessing Game

Guess the same number that the computer has guessed. The number will range from 1 to 100.

(Uses Java)

Tic tac toe Tic Tac Toe

You play as the X's and the computer is the O's. Select the square you want to put your X into by clicking them.

(Uses Java)
Fish World Fish World Game

Create your own fish tank. Great for kids learning to use the mouse or for kids who just want to be creative.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

Dinodraw DinoDraw Game

Create your own dinosaur park.
Great for kids learning to use the mouse

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Over 18 Makes Over 18 Mazes!

Can you find your way through this maze? With this maze you're on a quest from start to finish.

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

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