The Old BankCoffee Shop Main St, Nelson, NE

The Sellers Family had another work day renovating the old bank on Main St with hopes of opening The Old Bank Coffee Shop by February, 2006.

Here's Nichole and Stephen Sellers washing windows in an effort to pitch in.
David Sellers takes a quick break for a photo. Tearing off the old plaster in order to put up the new sheetrock is hard work on the second story of the old bank on Main Street in Nelson.
Lavena and Stephen spruce up the sidewalk area by sweeping and pulling weeds.

Much work goes into renovating the old bank building on the corner of Main St and West 4th St in Nelson. "We're hoping to be open next February." Once the plumbing, electrical, sheetrock and painting is completed, new carpet will be installed, a gorgeous chandelier will be hung in the entryway, the finished drapes sewn by Jean Stichka will be hung and the many waiting pieces of furniture will be placed. They're needing a bit of help in solving the mystery of how to open the original bank vault. The locksmith hasn't been able to crack it open. Anyone with the combination?

The Old Bank Coffee Shop will have a regular coffee bar with espresso, Lavena's cinnamon rolls and pies and possible soups and sandwiches. You'll be able to sit at the beautiful arched windows and relax as you watch passersby on Main Street. Antiques and collectibles will also be on display. Should the vault be opened up, it will house many war collectibles for sale. There will also be a Book Room if you're into a good book with your coffee. Upstairs will be an open Art Room where Lavena will teach oil painting and several pieces of art will be for sale. Visiting artists and Jewelry makers will be scheduling classes as well. The kitchen and office will also be ustairs.

Stephen, 11 years old, is quite an artist. He's great with a pen in sketching. Nichole not only washing windows, she's got a great memory and helps out on the administration side of things. What a wonderful family. It was good visiting with them. Thanks for giving me a tour and sharing this exciting project with us! We're rooting for you!

You can contact the Sellers by phone at 402.225.2065 or by email: