Nelson Summer Ball Program

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T-Ball Ages: 3-5

Boys Coach Pitch PeeWees Ages: 10 & Under

Girls Coach Pitch Ages: 10 & Under

Boys Ponies Ages: 12 & Under

Girls Pony Tails Ages: 12 & Under

Boys Juniors Ages:

Boys Seniors Ages:

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T-Ball: Boyd & Sheila McCartney 225-3036, Mike & Carrie Heikkinen 225-5191and Ethan & Dana Epley 225-2113

Boys Coach Pitch PeeWees: Cindy Hewitt 225-3031, Rebecca Mazour 225-5681 and George Sader 225-2427

Girls Coach Pitch & Pony Tails: BJ & Angie Gardner 225-2042 and Curt & Melody Iliff 225-2313

Boys Ponies:

Boys Juniors:

Boys Seniors:

Friends of the Summer Ball Program:

Nelson Community Club

Russ Snyder

Phil Eckles

Thank you for the fish frys, the pancake feeds and all donations! You helped 23 kids in T-Ball, 12 in Boys Coach Pitch PeeWees, 12 in Girls Coach Pitch, 12 in Boys Ponies, 12 in Girls Pony Tails, 12 in Boys Juniors and 12 in Boys Seniors (Grand Total of ) have a summer season enjoying the greatest American past-time!